Friday, September 11, 2009

To Be Aware

You must be aware. Your awareness is demanded of you sooner or later and as long as you refuse to be aware then you are dead to everyone, including yourself. You are never dead to God, but God is the one who demands your awareness. God created you to know and to love and you cannot do either if you are not aware.

Aware of what? Aware of who you are and what you are. Aware of those around you. Aware that you are an individual dearly loved by God into existence. Aware that you are dependent on others before you and after you and most dependent on God. Aware that everything is under God's providence and nothing happens without his knowledge.

Be aware that God dwells within you and within your neighbor. Be aware that God took a name for himself and lived among us. He took joy and suffering and the human experience. Be aware that just like he is fully God and fully one of us humans, in participation with him we participate in being God. Be aware however that you are the created one and he is the creator who sanctifying you by inviting you to partake in his divinity.

Lift up your head and know that you are a child of God, and lower your head and love him in your neighbor like Catherine of Siena taught. Scripture tells you that you cannot love God and not your neighbor, so you might as well start from now recognizing him in your neighbor and love him and serve him there, because it is precisely there that he needs you.

Be aware now or be aware later, but until then you are dead to yourself.

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