Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Don't Kill Your Baby

Being pregnant means you have your baby in your womb. This baby can be one second old or nine months old it is a still your baby. People use clever words to describe what is happening to you but the most simple truth is that you are carrying your baby.  You are not carrying yourself or part of yourself but rather another person like you, boy or a girl, brought to life by you, and fully dependent on you.

For you to even consider killing your baby, you must be going through the most difficult of times. You may have been raped by a stranger or a family member, you may have an abusive husband or boyfriend that beats you and your kids, you may be so financially poor that you cannot provide food for your children, you may be in a family situation that will tumble if one more child comes on the scene, you may be addicted to drugs and afraid your child will be addicted.   These and many other tragedies that can surround you must not bring you to take your baby's life which is one of the worst tragedies that a person can encounter. 

If abortion is legal or not it makes no difference. You know in your heart that it is not right. There is no law higher than the law of love placed within you. You will have to lie to yourself to allow yourself to go against it. There is always an alternative to abortion and those of us advising you to save an innocent life, must make every effort to provide you with these alternatives and make them accessible to you or else your child's blood is on our hands as well.

Once you turn to God for help and unconditionaly trust in Him, He will provide you with the grace to make the only good choice, the endurance to handle the difficulties that come along your decision, and people who can truly guide you. Give life and He will give you joy in your heart that no one can take away and no hardship can overshadow. Trust in God and say "YES" to your baby in face of the the cruel challenges of life. Abortion is not the answer. Love and endurance of one's cross is the answer that never fails. 

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