Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Trust God

Trust in God in every situation that you find yourself in. Know that he is loving beyond what you can imagine: trust in his love. Know that his wisdom transcends time and space, which he creates and sustains: trust in his providence.

When the universe tumbles around you, do not be troubled, do not be afraid, do not question, remain focused on God's will and unify it with yours. When life crushes you, trust in God and say "yes" to him. Be still and know that he is God.

When God makes you aware of his interaction with you, you may realize that God is speaking to you, not knowing that he never had stoped interacting with you since he created you. God relates to you by sowing into your soul the seed of himself. Being free in God's image, your will controls the growth of the seed. Your level of trust in God is directly related to your knowledge of him. If you know him marginally you will trust him marginally and his seed in you will also grow marginally. A marginal trust is like a dry soil that lacks the moisture necessary for the seed to grow properly. If you know him well and trust him but have no strength to hold on him when the concerns of this world and its time table overwhelm you, then his word is chocked within you by life's thorns. Be a rich soil: ask him to create you as such.

Sometimes you do everything right: you pray, you ask, you focus, and life comes very hard at you, I mean real hard, not just that things are not going your way, but things are purposefully designed to crush you, crush your family, destroy you on the inside, and they come in bundles and they do not stop. Your life becomes so hard and you ask "My God are you not there? Do you not see what is happening to me? Why do you continue on forsaking me?" His silence will puzzle you at first, then it will anger you, then it will depress you until darkness smothers all hope in you. Then from no where, a butterfly dances around you, the sun peaks at you, a bird crosses your path, a purple flower draws your attention. Ah! "God is with me", you breath a sigh of comfort and recommit yourself to him.

What is so important about the world's time? What is so valuable in it that takes precedence over God? Be smart and recognise that it is God who gives and God who takes. As Catherine of Siena proclaims, your sanctification is what he want most for you. The fruit of life's hardships will take you there if your soil is rich. Trust in God, in his love and in his wisdom, and no matter what do not be shaken by anything at all. Focus on Christ.

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