Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sophie's Love Story

Despite strong advise from her caring friends Sophie went out to meet Adam the boy she loves. Although by nature he is a good hearted person, his heart has hardened throughout the years and he forgot how to live and how to love. He has gotten himself into so much trouble with drugs, sex and violence not to mention many other distractions that drained the life out of him and those who surround him. Everyone around Sophie was warning her that she is going to get hurt and that she better stay away from this boy. She did not want to listen for she was deeply in love with Adam. When she looks at him she is aware of all his faults yet she remains unstained by them. She is always aware of a loving heart within him that no one else can see not even Adam himself. Sophie is in love with Adam and she will always love him until the end of times. What others say about this love story makes no difference to her, for not even death will keep her away from loving him and bringing him to live in her love. She is in love for ever and that is how the story starts and that is how it is going to end.

Now let me shed some light on this love story. You and I are Sophie's friends who caution her from loving and being around Adam. Adam is all these people around us that we cannot bring ourselves to love and like, much less tolerate and accept. They live a different life style than us and they see the world so different than how we see it, namely their values are way beneath our self proclaimed values. Sadly, we are at the same time Adam. Although we do not see it or admit it, if all the books of knowledge were to open to us, we will realize that others see us as Adam and indeed we are once we stop fooling ourselves. Sophie of course is our loving God who in his infinite wisdom loves us and call us to union with him. 

Have I invented this story? Am I making my own version of God? Well, is not Jonah a friend of God and Nineveh close to God's heart  [Jonah 4:1-11]. Did not the Pharisee say in his heart: "If this man were a prophet, he would know who and what sort of woman this is who is touching him, that she is a sinner" [Luke 7:39]. Did Jesus rebuke the woman, or kicked her off his feet as she washed them with her tears? Or did he rather say of her "Her many sins have been forgiven; hence, she has shown great love" [Luke 7:47].  In the parable of the lost Son did not Jesus describe the Father as catching sight of his son even when his son was still long way off from him [Luke 15:20]. Do you not remember the reaction of the brother who got angry with how his father welcomed his sinful brother. [Luke 15:28]. The same theme is the foundation of scripture which is foremost a love song between God and his beloved free human beings.