Monday, September 14, 2009

To Be Humble

If you ever ask God to make you humble, he will not hesitate nor delay, and after you feel that you are humbled, he continues on humbling you for a long time. He loves answering the humility prayer! Why is that?

There must be a direct relation between humility and sanctity. The faster way to sanctity must be humility. It is said that humility is the knowledge of self and the understanding of one's limitation and dependency on others and on God. Why is it so?

You are in the image and likeness of God, but God is not dependent, so why are you? Perhaps it is not so much dependency but relationality that defines humility. God is Triune and hence relational. You are created relational with others and with God. From the moment you are conceived you are in relation with your mother and that relation gives you life and gives her joy. When you are born you continue to be in relation to those around you who love you. When you die, those who love you bury you and pray for you.

To be truly human you must die to self and live to God. It is only by dying to self that you gain yourself. God does not dwell in sinless hearts, he rather dwells in humble hearts. The fruit of humility is exaltation to a world of meaning and joy of heart emanating from a complete trust in God.

When you are humble, you realize that you are made to have God live in you. You realize that your true nature is a being in constant and eternal relation with God. When you are humble you are strong in God not in yourself. The price of humility is the cross and its reward is the resurrection to a new life where God dwells in you.

When Gabriel, the Angel present before God, spoke to Mary, she said "I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word." Then the one who is full of grace, the one who is overshadowed by the most high, the mother of God, the most blessed among women, the mother of the Lord, went to serve her cousin.

You cannot be humble if you tried, for that itself is pride. You can only be humble if you ask God to humble you. But be careful what you ask for, since the cross of humility is not easy to carry. You must also ask him to carry your cross with you, he was humble enough to ask you to do the same.

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