Monday, September 02, 2013

When God looks at us?

When you and I look at someone, we see them as they appear to us in a particular place and time. We see a child as a child and an adult as an adult at a moment in their lives. Speculation or inspiration I cannot really tell, but it seems to me that when God looks at us he sees us at every moment in our lives from conception to eternity. God looks at a person and sees a baby sucking his thumb in his mother's womb, an infant crawling from couch to couch, a boy rejoicing with his mom and dad's excitement about him, a teenager defining himself, a college freshman on his own for the first time, a working man making a living for his family, an older man reflecting on what he could have done had time slowed down for him, and a dead man - to us that is - standing alive before God in awe ...  When God looks at a person, God sees this person at every moment and place in life and God sees it all at once.

Sometimes we cannot love someone because we only see the moment. It is only when we unify ourselves in God's grace that we become capable of seeing others as they truly are and loving them irrelevant of their present stage in life. If we want to live in the truth and see the truth as it really is, we must strive through prayer and meditations to be drawn by grace to see others and ourselves as God sees us. It is only through Christ living in us that we can fully see and fully love God, others and ourselves. How does Christ live in us? Humility is the first step, humility is the last step, the rest and in between will come to our souls like breathing to our bodies.