Friday, June 12, 2015

Temptations: The Bat and the Lion

A very powerful creature hits randomly here and there and destroys brutally leaving nothing but darkness where he strikes. The strike is so strong and sudden, it crushes everything in an instant. Fear of being hit by this force threatens even the strongest of believers. It comes from above, from outside and hits so hard and leaves death, emptiness, and deep darkness. The force appears so dark and so big like a huge bat with extended wings the size of a mountain. Pure hate and evil are directed solely toward the destruction of the human person.

The human person sits next to a big calm lion, but is thinking to herself can this lion be zapped as well. The lion remains calm and when the evil force is directed toward the human person, the lion transforms into an angelic being that shields the person so ever gently with calmness and absolute certitude.  The person is unharmed. Despite the victory, the person remains in fear of the next blow and frustrated that such a being is allowed to return to strike her again.

It is not to every one that I write my dream. I write it to the person that has completely dedicated her life to the Will of God. Every now and then in the spiritual life of such a person, God allows the evil one to direct his ugliest blows toward this person. The temptations are so hard to fight and endure because the persistent and creative evil one knows well the person's "fears" and "wants" and comes to her aggresively from every dark corner. The human person suffers and struggles to avoid this real spiritual death but eventually remains unharmed because she dwells in the presence of the calm lion. 

In the beginnings the person had allowed herself to be lured but as the person grows stronger spiritually and becomes more fearless, these cases diminish in numbers and durations and the evil one resorts to other creative dark methods to shake the person off her strong hold. The human person enclosed with humility recites the song of the psalmist: "Shepherd me O God [beyond my wants, beyond my fears] there is nothing that I lack … Even when I walk through a dark valley, I fear no harm for you are at my side". [Psalm 23]

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  1. Beautiful powerful dream…”shepherd me O God” is ever on my lips and in my heart.
    Thank you Georges for sharing your dream.With much love