Thursday, August 29, 2013

The blind person in the river

I am a blind person floating swiftly in a fast moving river, toward the big sea. Although I cannot see, I still can hear you O God in the raging sound of water, and feel your presence when my body slams against the rocks, slide down the water falls, and emerges out of their trapping caves.  I have no control of anything around me. I am carried away in darkness and have no say on where and how fast I am moving. I have tried to control, see, and understand, but to no vail. As I move, I carry with me three gifts from you that sustain me: A joyful hope in your ways because of your loving and powerful nature, an unshaken faith that where I am at any given time is pleasing to you and essential for me, and a love for you, who has loved me first and gave your life for me. 

I have placed my trust in you O God and surrendered my will to your will. Who am I to question you O God? Who am I to deserve anything different? Who am I to tell you how my life should be lived? By faith I rather entrust my precious soul to your divine almighty will, rather than to my feeble limited mind. Although I am so blind and no light penetrates my yet un-enlightened mind, I feel the sun on my face and sense the air in my lungs and I rejoice and give you glory. My eyes are shut to your truth yet through faith my soul is living in your light and there is nothing brighter for me to see. For now it pleases you that I don't understand, and what is good enough for you, it is good enough for this blind person in the river, for you are my God, my love, and everything good to me.

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