Friday, April 06, 2012

Faith in God

Have you ever spent a significant portion of time without drinking any water? How long could you have lasted? How much longer can your body be sustained without any water? My brother and sister, unless you understand what water is to the body you cannot understand what God is to your being. If you are living your life without God, you are truly dying. Your human nature is designed to be in a loving relation with God. Just like your body needs water so does your being need God.

How do you start living your life with God? First ask God to strengthen your faith in him and welcome him into your heart. He always makes the first moves and the fact that you are reading these words are one of his first moves toward you. Once you receive the grace of faith and you open your heart to receive him, he will start making you known to yourself and making himself known to you. The more you know yourself, the more humble you become, and the more you know him, the more you love him. Once you are humble and you start loving him you would remain in him and he will remain in you like a branch who lives attached to the vine. (John 15:4)

When you live with God and he dwells in you, you no longer see yourself, others or the world in the same way. You will gradually learn to trust that everything has a meaning and a purpose and that every moment in life is a prayer that gives glory to God. (1 Corintthinans 10:31)

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