Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why am I Catholic? (Part I: Christ)

Sometimes when people list for me all the wrong things about the Catholic Church, I first think of how lucky I am that they are only aware of some of them, then I tell them: "I agree with you, have any other church adopt the Pope, the Eucharist, and Mary and I will switch to it."

I will come back to the Pope, the Eucharist, and Mary, but the simple truth is that I am Catholic because I truly believe it is Jesus' will and therefore I can literally stop here and write no more.

Being Catholic is the most humbling of all forms of Christianity because it is not a journey of the one with God, but of the many. As a person living in the 21st century, I am dependent in my journey of faith on the prayers, truth, and testimonies of others around me today as well as others who lived before me. This relational dependency journeying toward the Father, guided by the Holy Spirit and centered on Christ is our Church.

For example, on what basis I can be sure that the Christian faith is the true faith? Or how do I know that the Christian Bible is the Word of God? How am I sure that when I read it I am interpreting it correctly? There are so many churches today and so many different interpretations, all accredited to the Holy Spirit. How do I know who has it right? God will give to the one who asks in humility. As for me, the light comes enough to guide my small steps and I am being guided centered on Christ and within his Catholic Church.

I am today a part of a Holy, Universal, and Apostolic Church, journeying with God and through God and toward God with my brothers and sisters and the whole universe as a matter of fact. It is not Holy because its members are without sin, but rather because it is entrusted to God’s will, it is universal in being inclusive of every nation, ant it is Apostolic in starting with the twelve chosen but Christ and evolving in unity.

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